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Mathematics Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1973 (under university status) and has units in both the Campuses. The department of mathematics of Kumaun University at DSB Campus came into existence in 1951 under the leadership of Dr. A.N. Singh, a renowned scholar of Hindu Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics at SSJ Campus, Almora came into Existence in the year 1962. Both these departments are one of the biggest in the respective campuses in terms of strength of the students. The Department is running undergraduate, post graduate and Ph. D. programs ever since 1973. The department has well equipped computer laboratories for PG students at both the campuses.

Academic Programs offered:
  1. Three years undergraduate degree program (B.A./B.Sc.).
  2. Four semesters (Two years) Masters degree program (M.A./M.Sc.).
  3. Ph. D. Program under UGC regulation 2009 with pre Ph. D. course work.

Areas of Research:

Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Fixed Point Theory, Fuzzy Analysis, Reliability Theory, Optimization Theory, Differential Geometry / Finsler Geometry The Department conducts regular seminars for Post Graduate students to introduce them to the emerging areas in Mathematics and initiate them into research in Mathematics.

The department at DSB Campus has a vibrant research atmosphere which is reflected by the research publications of the faculty and research scholars. The wide recognition of the research work coming out from the department is evident in the large number of citations. The h-index, which is internationally recognized index of the quality of research, of the research publications of the department is 20. In recognition of the high quality research work being done in the department, the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, has selected the department for financial assistance under DST FIST-2014 (Level 1). The National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Government of India has selected the department under its library grant scheme for providing better library facilities to the research students. The department received a sum of Rs. 35 lac from UGC in the XI five year Plan. The outreach activities undertaken by department have been recognized by scientific bodies including DST and NBHM ( www.nbhm.dae.gov.in/libraries.html ). As part of this linkage with these bodies, Professor R P Pant is a member of the State Scientific Review Committee of the IRIS Program of the DST ( http://dst.gov.in/whats_new/press-release06/newsindex06.htm ) and Professor M C Joshi is the State Coordinator (Uttarakhand) of the National Mathematical Olympiad Program of the NBHM ( http://olympiads.hbcse.tifr.res.in/subjects/mathematics ).

Lab facilities:

A computer lab of 25 PCs & 1 Xerox Machine.


The department has a library having around eight hundred reference/text books. The library is supported by the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM ) since 2009 under its library grant scheme.

Head of the Department

Name : Dr. Asha Srivastava

Phone : 9412905123

Email : ashasriv57@gmai.com

Mathematics Department: S S J CAMPUS, ALMORA

The Department of Mathematics of Kumaun University at S .S. J. Campus , Almora came into existence in the year 1962. It is one of the biggest department in terms of strength of the students. It has been recognized as Centre of Excellence in Mathematics Science (CEMS) by Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre (U-SERC) in 2011. The CEMS conducts various academic activities round the year. The department is running undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. Programs. The department has a library having around 1500 text books/references. The CEMS conducts various academic activities round the year. Important academic activities of the centre include the organization of:

  1. National and International Conferences
  2. Advanced Instructional Schools (For Ph. D. Students)
  3. Annual Foundation Schools (AFS) (For M. Sc. Students)
  4. Instructional School for Lecturers (ISL)
  5. Training program of graduate students
Area of Research: Differential Geometry, Relativity, Mathematical Statistics and Special Function.

Courses Offered:
1. UG and PG Semester Program ( B.A/B.Sc & M.A/M.Sc)
2. Ph.D. Program under UGC regulation 2009 with Pre-Ph.D. Course Work.

A notable contribution of the department at SSJ Campus is the publication of the book “Radiating fluid balls in general relativity” authored by Dr. B C Tewari from a major international publication PV-VDM Verlag. Area of research: Differential Geometry, Relativity, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Linguistics, Special Functions

Head of the Department

Name :

Phone :

Email :

Dr. Jaya Upreti, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dip. in French From Lucknow University, Professor , Head & Convener. She has published more than 40 research papers in National and International Journals. Specialization: Riemannian Geometry , Differentiable Manifolds & Functional Analysis

Faculty Members of SSJ Campus, Almora
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. V P Pande Professor Mathematical Statistics, Special Function vijpande@gmail.com 9411544741 Dr. V P Pande View Profile
2 Dr. J Upreti Professor Riemannian Geometry &Differential Manifolds prof.upreti@gmail.com Dr. J Upreti View Profile
3 Dr. B C Tewari Professor Relativity& Astrophysics drbctewari@yahoo.co.in 9412161881 Dr. B C Tewari View Profile
4 Dr. Jay Singh Assistant Professor (Contractual) Fixed Point Theory mathjaysingh84@gmail.com 9568997281 Dr. Jay Singh View Profile
5 Mr. Naveen Chandra Assistant Professor (Contractual) Fixed Point Theory cnveen329@gmail.com 9410965604 Mr. Naveen Chandra View Profile
6 Dr. Deepa Kandpal Teaching Personnel/ Guest Lecturer Riemannian Geometry & Differentiable Manifolds kandpal.diya@gmail.com 9756069692 Dr. Deepa Kandpal View Profile

Faculty Members of DSB Campus, Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. Mahesh C. Joshi Professor Nonlinear and Fuzzy Analysis mcjoshi69@gmail.com Dr. Mahesh C. Joshi View Profile
2 Dr. S. K. Chanyal Assistant Professor Riemannian Geometry skchanyal1432@rediffmail.com Dr. S. K. Chanyal View Profile
3 Dr. Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor Reliability Theory deepakdev16@gmail.com Dr. Deepak Kumar View Profile
4 Dr. Anita Kumari Assistant Professor Riemannian Geometry anita.shiv2010@gmail.com Dr. Anita Kumari View Profile
5 Dr. Asha Srivastava Professor and Campus Head Finser Geometry, Differentiable Manifolds , Riemannian Geometry ashasriv57@gmai.com 9412905123 Dr. Asha Srivastava View Profile