Chemistry Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1951 (under Agra University, Uttar Pradesh) and became part of Kumaun University in 1973. Apart from being one of the most prestigious departments in the country that runs M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes, it also offers courses in basic chemistry to undergraduate students. Some of the notable topics of research being undertaken by the faculty include topics from the fields of chemistry of natural products, soil chemistry, chemical kinetics, chemical evolution, nanomaterials and development of technology for waste plastic management, among several others. Not only is the expertise of the Department in above areas well recognized, the department is also well equipped with modern analytical facilities like GC, GC/MS, HPLC and FT-IR, DMS, TGA with financial assistance from NMHS projects and DST-FIST programme to enable research feasibility and continuity.

Dr. (Mrs.) Chitra Pande

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital

Dr. (Mrs.) Chitra Pande
Dr. Pushpa Joshi
Dr. Nand Gopal Sahoo
Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Tewari
Dr. Shah Raj Ali
Dr. Suhail Javed
Dr. Mahesh Chandra Arya
Dr. Manoj Dhuni
Dr. Penny Joshi
Dr. Lalit Mohan
Dr. Deepshikha Joshi
Dr. Girish Chandra Kharkwal
Ms. Anchal Aneja