The Academic Council shall be the principal academic body of the University and subject to the provisions of this Act, the Statutes and the Ordinances—
  • Shall have the control and general regulation of and be responsible for the maintenance of standard of instruction, education and research carried on or imparted in the University
  • May advise the Executive Council on all academic matters including matters relating to examinations conducted by the University
  • Shall have such powers and duties as may be conferred or imposed upon it by the Statutes
The Academic Council shall consist of the following members, namely —
  • The Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Deans of all Faculties, if any.
  • All Heads of Departments of the University and where there is no department in a subject in the University, the seniormost teacher from affiliated colleges representing that subject on the Faculty concerned.
  • All Professors of the University who are not Heads of Departments.
  • The Principals of constituent colleges and the Directors of Institutes, if any.
  • Two Professors, from each constituent college, if any, by rotation in order of seniority to be determined in the manner prescribed.
  • Three Principals of affiliated or associated colleges to be selected by rotation in the manner prescribed.
  • Fifteen teachers to be selected in the manner prescribed.
  • The Dean of Students Welfare.
  • The Librarian of the University.
  • Five persons of academic eminence to be co-opted in the manner prescribed.

Note - If there is no member belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes or the other backward classes of citizen in the Academic Council constituted under this sub-section, the Vice-Chancellor may nominate two members belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes and two members belonging to other backward classes or citizen from amongst the teachers of the University by rotation in the manner prescribed.