Botany Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

The Botany department was established in 1951 as a government postgraduate college and since 1973 it is functioning as a University department. The department is one of the premier departments of the University which has been graced and headed by many internationally known scientists/ teachers including Prof. K. S. Bhargava, Prof. S. C. Gupta, Prof. B.S. Mehrotra, Prof. J.S. Singh, Prof. S.P. Singh, Prof. Sudhir Chandra, Prof. U. Palani, Prof. P.C. Pande, Prof. N. Pande and Prof. S. C. Sati. The department is also known for some persons like Prof. R.D. Khulbe, Prof. Y. P.S. Pangtey and Dr. Giribala Pant for their extraordinary work in their fields. Prof. K.S. Bhargava, Prof. J.S. Singh and Prof. S.P. Singh were awarded FNA for their outstanding contribution and other prestigious awards like Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar prize and Birbal Sahni medal, while working in the department. Prof. YPS Pangtey was awarded FNASc...

Dr. S. S. Bargali

About Head of the Department

Dr. Surendra Singh Bargali is Professor & Head in the Department of Botany and teaching UG, PG and Ph.D students for more than 30 years. He is a hard core researcher and has published about 180 research papers in premier International and National research journals of Ecology. He has completed several research projects sponsored by ICAR, MoEn &F, DBT, BSP, NRSC, UGC, ICSSR, DST.

He is a Fellow of National Institute of Ecology and member of several National/International scientific societies and committees.

He has joined Kumaun University in 2011 as a Professor. Before joining this institution he has served as Scientist, Sr. Scientist and Professor in Indira Gandhi Agicultural University, Raipur.

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital

Dr. S. S. Bargali
Dr. Kiran Bargali
Dr. Sushma Tamta
Dr. Neelu Lodhiyal
Dr. Anil K. Bisht
Dr. Kapil Khulbe
  • Assistant Professor
  • Medicinal plant Biodiversity and Bioactivity
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Dr. Harsh K. Chauhan
Dr. Prabha Pant
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Isolation and bio-prospection of endophytic fungi as nutrient solubilizer
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Dr. Naveen Chandra Pandey
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Plant Taxonomy, Biodiversity Conservation
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Dr. Hem Chandra Joshi
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Ecological Nanoscience, Botanical Euphony & Elemental Nourishment
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Dr. Himani Karki
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Forest Ecology, Carbon sequestration potential & Regeneration status
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