Medical Facilities at Kumaun University

Medical Facilities at Kumaun University

The University has teamed up with leading district hospitals to provide swift medical care for students. Operating a dedicated ambulance van, the University ensures prompt transportation of ailing students to these affiliated hospitals. Additionally, on-campus first aid services are available to address immediate medical needs. These facilities offer initial care for minor injuries or health concerns, emphasizing the University's commitment to the well-being of its students by guaranteeing access to essential medical services and support when required.

Medical Care and Insurance

The students are covered by comprehensive Medical Insurance to meet any untoward exigencies. The students covered under insurance are entitled to the following facilities:

  • Every student is insured for medical claim (hospitalization) for Rs. 75,000/-and medical claim(daycare) for Rs.10,000/- subject to the terms and the conditions of the policy.
  • The hospitalization claims of students within the scope of policy coverage are reimbursed. Reimbursement facility is also available if the treatment is taken in non empanelled hospitals.
  • Insurance cover operates 24 hours even out of the campus and at all places in India.
  • Nominated parents of students are covered against personal accident insurance of Rs. 2,50,000/-(as per policy terms). To give umbrella security to students against the exigencies of accidental death and permanent disability of his parents the amount is released to the student concerned to defray expenses to complete the course of study with the University.