Department of Forensic Sciences

The Department of Forensic Science at D.S.B. Campus, Kumaun University, Nainital, has been established in 2023. This department aims to provide cutting-edge education and research opportunities in forensic science, addressing the growing need for skilled professionals in this crucial field. By integrating advanced scientific techniques and legal studies, the department prepares students to contribute effectively to criminal investigations and justice delivery. Emphasizing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the Department of Forensic Science is poised to become a cornerstone of excellence in legal and scientific education in the region.

Program Aims:

1. Develop the students’ interest, knowledge and understanding of Forensic Science.

2. To offer a specialist degree by providing both flexibility and ch...

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital

Dr. Nagma Parveen
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
  • Forensic Entomology & Molecular Biology
  • [email protected]
  • 9639567871
Dr. Rashi Miglani