Information Technology Department

The Department of Information Technology in this campus of Kumaun University came into existence in the year 2000 with the teaching of Information technology as a subject at graduation level and certificate course in Information technology under self-financed scheme. The teaching of the subject was brought under General category in the year 2005. The teaching of the subject at Post Graduate level was initiated from the academic session 2005-06.

Vision of the Department

To evolve as a full fledged department in teaching and research that can enable students to build their excellent career and mould their overall personality.


Mission of the Department
  1. To provide good learning experience.
  2. Promo...

Prof. Mahesh C. Joshi

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital

Dr. Mahesh C. Joshi
Mrs. Neelam Joshi
Mr. Vikram Bedi