History Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

Department of History DSB Campus, Nainital, started in the year 1951. Ever since the department has done pioneering work in the regional history, history of freedom struggle, women studies, history of science and technology in the Central Himalaya. The department of history is as old as the Campus itself. The department offers courses at both UG and PG Level and the faculty also supervise research work. Semester mode is underway at PG Level and from the current session it has been introduced in B.A. The department evolved distinct syllabus with proper stress on local history of Uttarkhand. The department has also developed museum which are a unique repository on the history of local culture, freedom struggle, administrative history and archeological artifacts with a rare collection of statues, coins, audio/visual documentation of places, personalities, news papers and private letters related to local history. The former professors of History department have great contribution in the development of the department like Prof Ajay S. Rawat who is renowned historian and recipient of Order of the Golden Ark, the Netherlands and Prof. Shekhar Pathak a renowned historian and recipient of Padmashree.

The Department of History envisages its research and applications in the following fields:

  1. History of Science and Technology, with special focus on indigenous knowledge systems, as per the guidelines of UGC.
  2. Aspects of Himalayan Folk Culture.
  3. Historiography/Himalayan history writing.
  4. Tribal History
  5. Gender History

The department at DSB Campus has classrooms and departmental library. Department recently created common hall for lectures and study centre for research scholars. Department is also functioning for the newly established Centre for Gandhi and Diaspora Studies, a proposal has been submitted to state government.

Himalaya Museum:
The Himalaya Museum was established in 1987 under the auspices of the Department of History, Kumaun University, Nainital. It was inaugurated by Prof. Yashpal, the then Chairman of the University Grants Commission. Since its inception the museum has been actively involved in the task of collection, compilation recording, and documentation. It has put up many important exhibitions in various places, including the university campus, and has organized a number of seminars and conferences, with the assistance of the department of History.

The Museum building exhibits important document related not only to the archaeology and History of Uttarkhand but also to its folk literature, regional journalism, agricultural implements, coins, household articles, musical instruments, personality, People, Documents and the independence movements. Statues and Veerkhambs (Victory Pillars), etc. The renovation of the Himalayan Museum is being carried on with the help of the Asian Development Bank and it is proposed that in the future the artifacts available in the museum will be displayed on a national and international level.

Head of Department

Name : Dr. Sanjay Ghildiyal

Phone : 9412952557

Email : sanghill@gmail.com

Professor Sanjay Ghildiyal, a distinguished scholar has been an integral part of Kumaun University's Department of History for the past several years. He has over two and a half decades of teaching and research experience. Throughout his extensive career, Professor Ghildiyal has carved a niche for himself as a leading expert in the Historiography of Peasant Movements. His invaluable contributions to the academic community include numerous published papers in esteemed journals such as ‘Economic and Political Weekly’, ‘Quarterly Review of Historical Studies’, ‘Studies in History’, ‘Pahar’, ‘Social Science Probings’ ‘Man in India’, etc. These publications reflect not only his scholarly prowess but also his commitment to advancing historical discourse.

In addition to his impactful journal articles, Professor Ghildiyal has recently added another milestone to his academic journey with the publication of a comprehensive book titled "Trends in Doctoral Dissertations in History in Uttarakhand." This insightful work not only showcases his expertise in the subject matter but also highlights his dedication to fostering academic growth in the region. Professor Ghildiyal's unwavering commitment to historical research and education continues to inspire both colleagues and students alike, leaving an indelible mark on the academic landscape of the region.

Courses offered
  1. B.A.
  2. M.A.
  3. Ph.D.
Faculty Members of DSB Campus, Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. Savitri Kaira Professor Modern Indian History skairajantwal@gmail.com 9897302219 Dr. Savitri Kaira View Profile
2 Dr. G.S. Negi Professor Tribal History of India prof.girdharnegi@gmail.com 9411164016 Dr. G.S. Negi View Profile
3 Dr. Sanjay Ghildiyal Professor & Head Historiography of Modern India sanghill@gmail.com 9412952557 Dr. Sanjay Ghildiyal View Profile
4 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Tamta Professor Indian Society and Cultural History, Regional Socio-Economic History and Culture sanjay.tamta4@gmail.com 9411194545 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Tamta	View Profile
5 Dr. Reetesh Sah Associate Professor Indian History, History of Uttarakhand, Environmental History, History of Science & Technology dr.reeteshsah@gmail.com 9412086515 Dr. Reetesh Sah View Profile
6 Dr. Manoj Singh Bafila Assistant Professor (Cont.) History of Uttarakhand , Cultural History, Modern History manojbafila34@gmail.com 7579136233 Dr. Manoj Singh Bafila View Profile

History Department: DSB Campus, Nainital
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