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Geography Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

The Department of Geography is one of the oldest departments in the region which was established by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh under the Agra University in DSB College on August 19, 1951. The department was established under the charismatic leadership of great geographer and scholar Prof Mohammad Yunus. It earned the reputation of a centre of excellence in Geography under the patronage of highly qualified teachers who joined the Department. It has the credit of organizing the field study meeting of International Geographical congress held in India for the first time in 1968. It also became a known training centre for organizing summer schools and imparting geographical knowledge on the Himalayan region to many national and international researchers in geography and other disciplines. The Department has also the privilege of hosting the first International Summer School on Land use Studies in association with Padm shree Prof. M.Safi of Aligarh Muslim University in 1965.

The Department offers under graduate, post graduate teaching and Ph.D Degree in Geography. The Department has evolved many new courses, which have been widely acclaimed as the frontiers in Geography. Agriculture Geography, Geomorphology and Applied Geomorphology, Environmental Geography, Development and Planning, Cultural Geography, Geoinformatics (GIS & RS), Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change, Mountain Geography, Geography of Marginalization and Globalization, Resource Management etc are some of the specializations available in the Department.

The department has progressed tremendously under the chairmanship of Prof O.P.Singh, a renowned scholar of Urban Geography, Prof D.C.Pande, known for his expertise in the field of Agriculture Geography and Prof R Chand, known for his contributions in the area of Globalization and Marginalization. Currently the department is moving ahead under the dynamic leadership of Prof Ravindra K Pande, considered to be a name of international fame in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management with the support and cooperation of Prof P.C.Tewari, an expert of international repute in climate change and sustainability, Prof R.C.Joshi known for his contribution in application of RS/GIS in geomorphology, Dr Anita Pande, a name in the area of landform dynamics, Dr Manisha Tripathy Dubey known for her contribution in hydrology and hill slope dynamics, Dr Mohan Lal working in the area of agriculture development in Himalaya and Sri Prakash Chauniyal specializing in horticulture potentials of Himalaya. Our vision is “be a change maker” and our mission is “Impart knowledge with skill development” because we believe in “Earth is changing and so we are”.

Head of Department

Name : Prof. R. C. Joshi

Phone : 05942232578

Email : hod.geog23dsb@gmail.com

Courses Offered:

The department offers a range of courses in all prominent and emerging streams of geography both at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels. In order to make teaching-learning and knowledge creation a tune to local, regional, national and global environmental and developmental priorities the Department has launched a wide range of interdisciplinary and mountain-specific courses, such as Natural Resources Management; Integrated Mountain Development; Integrated Watershed Development; Urban Environmental Planning; Environmental Management and Sustainable Development; Agro-ecosystem Management; Rural Development and Planning; Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation; and Disaster Management during recent years. The emerging and frontiers are frontier areas of science and technology, such as Remote Sensing [RS], Geographic Information System [GIS] and Global Positioning System [GPS] constitute the core components of the academic curriculum of the Department. Both the Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes are Semester based, and equally open to the students of Arts as well as Science streams. The Department has been organizing online Short Term Course on Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in natural resource management, sponsored by Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO], Government of India under its 'Outreach Programme' since 2016.

Faculty Members of DSB Campus, Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email id / Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Prof. R. C. Joshi Professor & Head Geomorphology & Application of remote sensing in geo-science hod.geog23dsb@gmail.com 05942-232578 Prof.  R. C. Joshi View Profile
2 Dr. Anita Pande Professor Geomorphology & Environmental Management AnitaPande@gmail.com 9411793991 Dr. Anita Pande View Profile
3 Dr. Manisha Tripathi Associate Professor Geomorphology, Hydrology Watershed Management, Resource Dynamics, RS GIS manishatripathi.jnu@gmail.com 9411197183 Dr. Manisha Tripathi View Profile
4 Dr. Mohan Lal Sr. Assistant Professor Sustainable development Agriculture geography Mohanl72@yahoo.com 9410162227 Dr. Mohan Lal View Profile
5 Mr. Prakash Chandra Chanyal Sr. Assistant professor Horticulture, Agricultural Development and Natural Resource Management Prakash_chanyal78@yahoo.com 9690659365 Mr. Prakash Chandra Chanyal View Profile
6 Dr. Kritika Bora Assistant Professor (Contract) Earthquake Impact Analysis, Geomorphology and Disaster Management kritikabora@kunainital.ac.in 9690414498 Dr. Kritika Bora View Profile
7 Dr. Vinita Joshi Assistant Professor (Cont.) Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Geo-Morphological Studies vinitajoshi5888@gmail.com 0000000000 Dr. Vinita Joshi View Profile
8 Dr. Devendra Singh Parihar Assistant Professor (Cont.) Global Warming, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Himalayan Environmental Dynamics devendraparihar@kunainital.ac.in 0000000000 Dr. Devendra Singh Parihar View Profile
9 Mr. Masoom Reza Assistant Professor (Cont.) Glacial Geomorphology, Biogeography, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS masoomreza@kunainital.ac.in 7055283316 Mr. Masoom Reza View Profile