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Education Department: SSJ Campus, Almora

Department of Education, Kumaun University, SSJ campus, Almora is an excellent center of integrated development of teacher training in Uttarakhand. Department established in 1952 AD by honorable late Sri Amba Dutt Pant ji. In 1952 B.T. class started in this institution. In 1976 M.Ed. class started. Presently 140 B.Ed. students and 35 M.Ed. students are getting teacher training here. Department is also a center of research in the field of education. Every year 12 students submit their thesis for evaluation. There are highly qualified teaching staffs in the department. Teacher teaches students by innovative methods of teaching. They use audio-visual aids in teaching i.e. OHP, smart board, chart, projector, LCD etc. There is a rich library, technology lab, psychology lab language lab and reading room.

Teacher trainers get theoretical and practical training here. They get theoretical knowledge of philosophical and sociological foundation of education, knowledge of child psychology, development of education system in India, educational technology and management, environment education, value education, mental measurement, educational administration and knowledge of teaching methods in various subjects. For practical knowledge of classroom teaching students teach in various secondary schools of Almora city. Syllabus of both B.Ed. and M.Ed. classes is innovative and board of faculty revise syllabus according the need in every two years. Thus student get quality teacher training through theoretical and practical teaching in this department.

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Faculty Members of SSJ Campus, Almora
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Prof. Amita Shukla Professor & Dean Philosophy of Education, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Technology, Administration and Management. amita00@gmail.com 9412962242 Prof. Amita Shukla View Profile
2 Dr.(Mrs.) Vijaya Rani Dhoundiyal Professor Guidance and Counseling /Women Studies and Literacy rani13157@yahoo.co.in 05962230536 Dr.(Mrs.) Vijaya Rani Dhoundiyal View Profile
3 Prof. G.S. Nayal Professor Education Sociology, Drop Outs, Guidance and Counseling gsnyal00@gmail.com 9412093505 Prof. G.S. Nayal View Profile
4 Prof. R.S. Pathani Porfessor Philosophy of Education, Guidance and counseling, Educational Technology, rspathni00@gmail.com 9412162017 Prof. R.S. Pathani View Profile
5 Prof. Bheema Manral Professor Philosophy of Education, Guidance and Counseling. drbheemamanral@gmail.com 9456369213 Prof. Bheema Manral View Profile
6 Dr. Rizwana Siddiqui Assistant Professor Educational Technology rizwana00@gmail.com Dr. Rizwana Siddiqui View Profile
7 Dr. Sangeeta Pawar Assistant Professor Women Development and Education spawaralmora@gmail.com Dr. Sangeeta Pawar View Profile
8 Dr.Devendra Singh Bisht Assistant Professor Education Technology dr.dsbisht@rediffmail.com Dr.Devendra Singh Bisht View Profile
9 Mr. BHASKAR CHAUDHARY Assistant Professor Measurement & Evaluation, Educational Technology bhaskareducator@gmail.com Mr. BHASKAR CHAUDHARY View Profile
10 Ms. Mamta Aswal Assistant Professor Technology in Education/ E-learning Research Methods in Education Language mamtaaswal.edu@gmail.com Ms. Mamta Aswal View Profile
11 Dr. Neelam Kumari Assistant Professor Socio-Psychological, Minority & Women Studies Kmneelam335@gmail.com Dr. Neelam Kumari View Profile
12 Dr. Meena Manral Assistant Professor Contractual Educational Technology, Women Empowerment and Education of deprived children. Meena.manral@gmail.com Dr. Meena Manral View Profile
13 DR. Anju Verma Assistant Professor Contractual Education Technology and English Teaching anju00@gmail.com DR. Anju Verma View Profile