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Economics Department: Kumaun University

Department of Economics at Kumaun University Campus Nainital came into being in 1951, with the setting up of the DSB Government College (Now a Campus of Kumaun University). However, the department of Economics at Kumaun University Campus Almora started functioning much earlier. The Department ever since its inception, has had the distinction of being associated with teachers of illustrious career and extra ordinary academic background. The founder head of the department Dr. S. G. Tewari was a National Income Accounting expert in the UNO team before joining the department. Later he was taken as Chief of National Income Unit of Planning Commission. The persons he who followed him in the chair excelled in their own ways. Dr. K. N. Srivastava, a veteran Labour Economist, Dr. Maya Ram, a great Public Finance theoretician, Dr. K. D. Upadhyay, an exponent of Economic Theory and Dr. P. P. Elhance was a teacher of Statistical Analysis par excellence. All of these academicians nourished and reared up the department from its infancy to mature adulthood.

Dr. D. N. Agarwal who was associated with the Department right from the beginning also served as the first ever selected Professor and Head of the Department. In that capacity he not only laid the foundation of the Department in the new outfit of the university culture but also shared the responsibility of formulating the courses and promoting Ph. D. researches. Before joining over as Professor, he also served as the first Registrar of the University and was responsible for framing the University’s Acts and Statutes. His students of all times always remember him for his excellent eloquence on Economic Thought. Dr. Elhance during whose tenure students’ performance in the university examination was outstanding, succeeded Professor Agarwal. Prof. G. C. Pande and Prof. P. C. Pande were selected as the two worthy Professors of the Department in 1989. Prof. G. C. Pande acted as the Head of the Department from 1989 to 1998 till his retirement. He also worked as Dean of the Arts Faculty for one term. He supervised research of a number of students and carried out research projects. His project on Adult Education sponsored by the Uttar Pradesh Govt., is a Landmark. Prof. P. C. Pande took over as the Head of the Department from Prof. G. C. Pande in 1998. He holds more than one strategically important offices besides functioning as the Head of the Department. He was also Pro Vice – Chancellor of the University and Dean Arts Faculty. In all these capacities the contribution of Prof. P. C. Pande in the university building process led by our Hon’ble Vice – Chancellor Prof. B. S. Rajput is very significant. Prof. Pandey was a specialist of Economic Thought. After Prof. P.C. Pande’s retirement in 2002 Prof. D.C. Pande took over the Campus Head of the Department. He served as head of the Campus Department from 2002 to 2005 till his retirement. Thereafter Dr. Nirmala Bora headed the Campus Department till July 2009. Dr. R.S. Jalal remained Campus Head from August 2009 till June, 2012. In July, 2012 Prof. L.S. Bisht (Unviersity Head of the Department) joined from Almora Campus and took change of Head Economics and Dean, Arts Faculty. In October, 2012, the policy of rotational headship came into effect and consequently Prof. Nirmala Bora took charge of University Head of Department for three years i.e. 10-10-2012 to 09-10-2015 followed by Prof. R.S. Jalal on 10-10-2015 and presently, Prof. Padam S. Bisht is University Head, Department of Economics, since 10-10-2018 and also the Convener of Board of Studies and Research Degree Committee, Kumaun University, Nainital.

About the Department (in brief) :-

Economics as a Subject is being taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in both campuses viz., DSB Campus, Nainital and SSJ Campus Almora. Pre Ph.D Course and Research Facility is also available. For regular students Master of Arts (M.A.) Post Graduate degree course is available only through Semester System from Academic session 2011-12 onwards. The Syllabus has been revised to follow the guidelines of UGC in spirit and meaning. Compulsory Papers on Quantitative Methods have been introduced as directed in the UGC guidelines. With the invasive growth of knowledge economy at the global level Economics has emerged as the front-line discipline to address the contemporary issues of stability, growth and humanitarian inclusiveness at the grass root, national and international level. Since Economics is the most dynamic subject, therefore students aspiring to pursue the course in the subject in a fruitful manner are expected to remain abreast with the current developments in the economic world through newspapers, periodicals, internet, library facilities in addition to regular class room attendance. Scholars are also registered in Post-Doctoral (D.Litt.) in Economics and successfully working their research work. Head Economics Department

Head Economics Department

Name : Prof. P. S. Bisht

Phone : 05942236884

Email : psbisht.bisht@gmail.com

About The Head: Prof. Dr. Padam S. Bisht, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt. (Economics) is the Professor and Head of Economics Department at Kumaun University, Nainital. He is an aluminous of Kumaun University. He has 35 years of teaching experience at the post-graduate level. His area of interest and research is Public Finance & Labour Economics. He has authored many books and contributed research papers in leading National and International Journals. He has also participated and chaired various International and National Conferences and Seminars.

He was appointed as Organizing Secretary for Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Economic Association (UPUEA) and successfully organized 15th Annual Conference at Kumaun University, Nainital on 10-11th November 2019. A number of students has been awarded Ph.D. Degree under his valuable guidance. Prof. P.S. Bisht has been awarded by Bharat Ratna Dr. Abdul Qalam Gold Medal Award and Bharat Shikshya Ratna Award for excellence in his respected field .

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr.L.S.Bisht Professor Micro-Economics & Mat metical Economics lsbisht1@gmail.com 09411702935 Dr.L.S.Bisht View Profile
2 Dr. Nirmala Bora Professor Agricultural Economics nirmala.bora@yahoo.com 09627253170 Dr. Nirmala Bora View Profile
3 Dr. R. S. Jalal Professor Rural Credit / International rs_jalal@yahoo.com 09412960103 Dr. R. S. Jalal View Profile
4 Dr.Padam. S. Bisht Professor & Head of Department Public Finance/ Labour Economics Psbisht.bisht@gmail.com 0594236884 Dr.Padam. S. Bisht View Profile
5 Dr.Rajnish Pande Professor Regional Economics/ Labour Economics rajnishpande@gmail.com 09412084716 Dr.Rajnish Pande View Profile
6 Dr. M. C. Pant Associate Professor Local Finance mcpant153@gmail.com 08650534540 Dr. M. C. Pant View Profile
7 Dr.Nandan S. Bisht Assistance Professor Agricultural Economics , Micro-Economics, Demography nandan32.almora@gmail.com 09411197684 Dr.Nandan S. Bisht View Profile
8 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Lohani Assistant Professor (Contractual) Labour Economics / Regional Economics / Quantitative Techniques in Economics/ Ad. Statistics ohanijitendra.ku@rediffmail.com 919411161904 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Lohani View Profile

Faculty Members of SSJ Campus Almora
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. Deepa Bhaskar Dubey Associate Professor Agriculture Economics DeepaBhaskarDubey@gmail.com 05962238082 View Profile
2 Dr. H.C. Joshi Professor & Campus Head SSJ Campus Almora Labour Economics & Regional Economics drhcjoshi1961@gmail.com 9412106929 View Profile
3 Mr. Deepak Kr. Tamta Assistant Professor Quantitative methods in Economics, Indian Economics, Advanced Statistics & Econometrics tatadeep07@gmail.com 9456366248 View Profile
4 Dr. Shweta Chaniyal Assitant Professor Labour Economics& Macro Economics a12chaniyal@gmail.com 9084510220 View Profile
5 Ms. Lata Arya Assistant Professor (Contract Faculty) Labour Economics& Indian Economics ecoaryalata@gmail.com 8941065230 View Profile

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  1. B. A. Economics syllabus (semester wise)
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