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Commerce Department: D.S.B. Campus, Nainital

The Department of Commerce was established in 1961 as one of the departments of D.S.B. Government Post Graduate College, Nainital. After the establishment of Kumaun University in 1973, D.SB. Government Post Graduate College was declared as one of the Campuses of the university and consequently the Department of Commerce became a university Department. Since its inception, the Department is imparting quality education and has earned a good reputation in the state. A large number of students apply for admission in the Under-graduate and Post-graduate Programmes every year and with more than 400 enrolled students, it is one of the largest department of the Campus. Recently the department has adopted syllabus recommended by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for graduate programme spread over three years and M.Com. programme is based on semester system as per the guidelines of the U.G.C.

Head of the Department

Name : Prof. Atul Joshi

Phone : 9412327702

Email : joshidr.atul@yahoo.in

Faculty Members of DSB Campus, Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Prof. Atul Joshi Head & Dean Labour Problems & Tourism joshidr.atul@yahoo.in 9412327702 Prof. Atul Joshi View Profile
2 Dr. B.D. Kavidayal Professor Accounting & Finance bdkavidayal@gmail.com 9411791422 Dr. B.D. Kavidayal View Profile
3 Dr. Arati Pant Associate Professor Finance pantarati@yahoo.in 9837622209 Dr. Arati Pant View Profile
4 Dr. Vijay Kumar Associate Professor Income Tax & Accounting Vparchey@gmail.com 9410117519 Dr. Vijay Kumar View Profile
5 Dr. Mamta Joshi Lohumi Asstt Professor Contractual Marketing Management & Human Resource Management Mamta_j2005@yahoo.com 8439727926 Dr. Mamta Joshi Lohumi View Profile
6 Ms. Nidhi Verma Asstt. Professor Contractual Accounting & Taxation nidhiverma3110@gmail.com 7060360085 Ms. Nidhi Verma View Profile
7 Dr. Jeevan Chandra Upadhyay Asstt. Professor Contractual Accounting, Finance & Taxation jcu1980@gmail.com +91-9897963805 Dr. Jeevan Chandra Upadhyay View Profile
8 Dr. himani Jalal Asstt. Professor Contractual Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management himani.cypress@gmail.com +91 74550 74884 Dr. himani Jalal View Profile
9 Ms Ankita Arya Asstt Professor Contractual Labour Problems & Tourism ankita.arya21p@gmail.com 8218006394 Ms Ankita Arya View Profile
10 Pooja Joshi Asstt Professor (Contractual) Accounting and Financial Management poojajoshipaliwal95@gmail.com 8532081994 Pooja Joshi View Profile

Commerce Department: D.S.B. Campus, Nainital
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