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Yoga Department: SSJ Campus, Almora

Almora is a perfect place for yoga and meditation, it is situated in the mountain range of himalayas. The yoga department of KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, S.S.J. CAMPUS, ALMORA is surrounded by three dieties namely kasardevi, syahidevi and banaridevi. It is an ideal location. Almora is a place where Swami Vivekanand, Lahirimahasay, Satyanand Saraswati, Mahatma Gandhi, and Tagore etc. made their penitent. The calm and peaceful atmosphere has attracted saints and spiritual leader from across the globe. The famous ‘Jageshwar Dham’ temple of lord shiva is only 40 km far away from this place. Lord shiva is the origin of yoga tradition. This makes the location of the campus more significant. More over’ Vivekananda kutir’ (from where Swami Vivekananda got his spiritual enlightenment) is also situated in the vicinity of Kumaun university campus, almora. Millions of devotees visit the shiva temple and vivekanad kutir annually. The snow covered mountain of Himalaya makes this campus like a heaven for yogis to perform yoga and meditation practices.

Kumaun UniversityStarted the teaching of this course and initiated the teaching of post Graduate course “Yoga and Alternative Therapy” from 2006 with an aim to Fulfill following objectives:

  1. Promoting Positive health, prevention of stress related health problems and rehabilitation through Yoga.

  2. Integral approach of Yoga Therapy to common ailments.

  3. Imparting skills in them to introduce Yoga for health to General public and yoga for total personality development of student in colleges and Universities.

  4. Invoke scientific attitude and team spirit to channelize their energies in to creative and constructive endeavors.

  5. To enable them to establish Yoga Therapy centers in the service of common man.

Kumaun University started the teaching of this course and initiated the teaching of Post Graduate course “Master of Arts in Yoga and Alternative Therapy” in 2009 to objective of the course:

  1. To provide deeper insight into the curriculum of Yogic Sciences along with the therapeutic applications of Yoga and Alternative Therapies

  2. To promote Positive Health in the student through Yoga and enabling and imparting skill in them to practice and apply Yogic practices for Health to general public and teach Yoga for Total personality development and spiritual evolution

  3. To invoke and inculcating inquisitive, scientific temper in student regarding the Traditional Indian sciences specially Yoga and spirituality

  4. To inculcate research attitude and orientation into the student so that they further become able to undertake advance and theoretical and applied researches in the field of Yoga and Alternative Therapies.

  5. To enable them to establish Yoga Therapy centers in the service of common man.


  1. P.G.Diploma in yoga

  2. Master degree in yoga


  1. Certificate course in yoga

  2. 10 to 15 days classes/workshops for students and public

  3. Pranayama and meditation

  4. Basic yoga positions/ Asanas

  5. Course for imparting personality (increasing memory, concentration and improvement applications of knowledge, alertness, attitude)

  6. Selective yoga education for kids


  1. Yoga therapy classes/workshops to get rid of various diseases

  2. Pranic healing course for various disease

  3. Acupressure healing course for various disease

  4. Marma therapy course for various disease

  5. Naturotherapy course for various disease

  6. Magnet therapy course for various disease

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