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Statistics Department: SSJ Campus, Almora

The department was established in the year 1987 along with the opening of statistics subject in U.G. class. It was upgraded to the postgraduate level in the year 2001 and gradually developed the facilities of research at the doctoral level. Initially there were only one teachers but at present the department has two faculty members: one professor and another assistant professor. The department has been undertaking the courses of B.Sc./B.A., M.Sc./M.A. and the research of Doctoral level. The department has also started five year integrated program (B. Sc. + M. Sc.) in Actuarial Science for the academic year 2014-2015. The Department is a recognized centre of conducting research for Ph .D. degree. All the 02 staff members are Ph. D. and have been guiding research work in their respective fields. About 05 students have been awarded Ph .D. degree and 10 students are enrolled. The main fields in which research is being carried out are: Sample surveys, Sequential analysis, Reliability and life testing, Environmental statistics, generalized linear models, multinomial models, robust designs, clinical trials, Vital statistics and Bayesian modeling. The faculty members regularly attend national and international seminars and some of them have chaired the technical sessions also. The department is undertaking research projects having attracted funds from various national agencies such as ICMR, UGC and UCOST.

To develop and become a full –fledged teaching and research centre, which can excel in the fields of Statistics to cater the needs and challenges of the region and the country as a whole.

Major Research Areas and Laboratories in the Department:
The thrust areas in research in the department are as follows-
1. Sample Surveys.
2. Health Geo Statistics.
3. Reliability and Life testing.
4. Environmental Statistics.
5. Vital Statistics.
6. Bayesian Modelling.
7. Generalized Linear Models
8. Multinomial Models
9. Clinical Trials

At present department have no laboratories for Research Work.
Courses: The department has been undertaking the following courses:
(i) B.A./B.Sc . in Statistics
(ii) M.A./M.Sc. in Statistics
(iii) Five year integrated dual course (B.Sc.+M.Sc.) in Actuarial Science(to be started in the academic session 2014-2015)

Head of the Department

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Faculty Members of SSJ Campus, Almora
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. Neeraj Tiwari Professor & Head Sample survey neerajtiwari.amo@gmail.com 05962231148 Dr. Neeraj Tiwari View Profile
2 Dr. Ishapathik Das Assistant Professor Generalized Linear Models ishapathik@gmail.com 9634590436 Dr. Ishapathik Das View Profile
3 Dr. G. S. Pandey Assistant Professor Contractual Sampling Theory pandeygirja@yahoo.co.in 09456309711 Dr. G. S. Pandey View Profile

Faculty Members of DSB Campus, Nainital
S.No Name Designation Specialization Email Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1 Dr. M. K. Pandey Professor & Campus Head Sampling, Demography mkpandey00@gmail.com 05942238373 Dr. M. K. Pandey View Profile
2 Mr. Sparsh Bhatt Asstt. Professor Contractual Sampling Theory & Design of Experiment sparsh00@gmail.com 09412034974 Mr. Sparsh Bhatt View Profile

Diploma/Certificate Syllabus
Graduation Syllabus
  1. B.Sc./B. A. Statistics Syllabus (Semester Wise)
  2. Bachelor of Arts/Science
Post Graduation Syllabus
  1. M.A./M.Sc. Statistics Syllabus (All Sem)
Extra Syllabus