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Library and Information Science Department: DSB Campus, Nainital

Present era, specially the later half of 20th century has seen an unprecedented boom in the production of documents in almost all fields of knowledge, especially in Science and Technology. The ever increasing bulk of recorded information available in book form, non-book form or electronic form together with satellite data has created a formidable phenomenon called 'Knowledge or Information Explosion' or more appropriately, 'Information Revolution'. Under the circumstances, users find themselves at their wits end to know what is published where in their own areas of interest and how to gain access to required piece of information pin pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously. Consequently, libraries as information centers and librarians as Information Scientists have attained significant positions in the modern society.

Inadequacy of traditional methods of information handling have recently led to the growing use of computer and communication technologies in the storage and retrieval of information and its communication through various networks at local, national and international level. In fact, the traditional view of the library, as a store of information held locally, is being eroded as the library is becoming a gateway to information resources world wide.

The Department offers Bachelor's and Master's in Library & Information Science along with Ph.D. programme. The programmes are based on the practices and underlying theories of information acquisition, organization, dissemination and utilization. On completion of the courses, the students demonstrate the values, attitudes, and behaviours associated with the roles and responsibilities of information and library professionals in accordance with the market oriented employment. The mission is not simply to ensure that each student gains adequate employment, but to prepare graduates to assume responsible positions in libraries and information centers. Faculty is expected, through their instructional, research, and service activities, to contribute tangibly to the development of the knowledge base that makes Library and Information Science a discipline as well as a profession. Our, mission is in line with the mission of the university and aim to make it a better place for teaching and learning.

Courses Offered:

  1. B.Lib.I.Sc. (Bachelor of Library and Information Science)
  2. M.Lib.I.Sc. (Master of Library and Information Science)
  3. Ph.D. or D.Phill
  4. D.Litt

Head of the Department

Name : Prof. Yougal Joshi

Phone : 7982948730

Email : ycjoshi@yahoo.com

Faculty Members of DSB Campus Nainital
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1 Prof. Yougal Joshi Head Library and Information Science ycjoshi@yahoo.com 7982948730 Prof. Yougal Joshi View Profile