Innovation and Incubation Centre(KU-IIC)

Journey of IIC established at the Institute

The Innovation and Incubation Centre of Kumaun University (KU-IIC) developed under the guidance of the Honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof. N.K. Joshi on 29th June 2020 is a stimulating initiative. The geographical setting of the university provides further stimulus. Kumaun University is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. The Himalayas are known to harbour several life-sustaining resources.

The region has several resources of aesthetic and economic interest that can be harnessed for generating income and employment for millions of people residing in the region.

Vision / Mission of IIC established at the Institute

This cell rose with the motto of THINK-ACT-PROGRESS which signified propelling the students towards novel ideas, establishing appropriate incubators for the student incubates, and brainstorming with the student entrepreneurs to take them closer to their flights of success. KU-IIC supports the development of an idea from its seed-stage to its manifestation into a sustainable business. The goal is to navigate through and present multitude of resources to students, so that it can propel innovation, spur collaboration and help the students to thrive in the community.

The Kumaun University Institution Innovation Council (IIC) strives to motivate the younger generation by honing their passion and by offering constructive criticism. The centre has organised multiple e-webinars and e-seminars to illuminate the path of the younger generation of entrepreneurs. Multiple innovative business proposal events have been organized till date to bring to the fore the latent innovative talents of the students.

Aim and objectives

• Motivating students to generate innovative ideas.
• Encourage and promote innovative ideas and nurture the potential of the students.
• Guidance with the international, national, and local resources through talks/seminars/conference/workshops.
• Promoting commercialization of technology.
• Facilitate linkages with different segments of society for optimum utilization of resources.
• Empower students to develop entrepreneurship abilities to address significant problems of the region.
• Support students to enable them for startups and self-employment.

Our Current Team

Name Designation Email Contact number Photograph
Prof. Ashish Tewari Director 9412994110
Dr. Penny Joshi Convener 7409372939
Prof. Geeta Tewari Member 9412438823
Dr. Hari Priya Pathak Internship Activity Coordinator 9456322283
Dr. Rina Singh Member 9719599661
Dr. Lajja Bhatt Innovation Activity 7088724863
Dr. Bijendra Lal Member 7409762350
Dr. Nidhi Verma Sah ARIIA Coordinator 7060360085
Dr. Nandan Singh Start Up Activity Coordinator, Member 9837176040
Dr. Daleep Kumar Member 9469327181
Dr. Richa Ginwal Member 7055337550
Dr. Harsh Kumar Chauhan Member 9557916395
Dr. Hardesh Kumar Member 7579207649
Dr. Naveen C. Pandey Social Media, Member 9458364860
Dr. Shruti Shah IPR Activity Coordinator 7456047199
Mr. Hem Chandra Bhatt Member 7505578007