The Department of Zoology, established in the year 1951, is well known for its research activities in the country. Faculty members of the department are actively engaged in the various research and extension activities along with teaching. Department has well established laboratories for Fish biology, Entomology, Limnology, Cyto-genetics, Earthworm ecology and microbiology and Molecular Biology. The department runs two specializations for the post graduate students i.e. Fish & Fisheries and Entomology. Department is having a very strong pool of academicians with five Professors and four Assistant Professors. Visiting faculty/Guest faculties are also involved for teaching. The faculty members of the department have published more than 350 research papers in the research journals of high repute and have completed 21 major research projects funded by several national and international funding agencies. Department has got well maintained voluminous departmental library with standard protocols, reference books and various journals. Department has its own computer laboratory with 2mbps BSNL broadband internet facility. L.C.D. and interactive signboard, seminar room etc. are also available for teachers and students to avail multimedia facilities for teaching and research. Department also has a well equipped central laboratory with UV-Vis Spectrophotometer , Electrophoretic Units, Gel Documentation unit ,Research Microscope unit including inverted microscope with photo-compatibility, High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge , PCR machine and many other instruments required for the research and teaching at Master’s and Doctoral degree level programmes. A number of students come from different parts of India to the department to pursue their Masters Degree and conduct their research work. The alumni of the department have excelled in their domain and are placed all over the world holding various senior positions.

Head of the Department

Prof. H.C.S. Bisht

E-mail ID:

Mobile No. 09411376398


To become Centre of Excellence in Zoology.

Major Research areas and Laboratories in the Department.

  • Earthworm Biology
  • Aquaculture
  • Cytogenetics.
  • Limnology
  • Entomology
  • Molecular Microbiology

Faculty members; DSB Campus, Nainital

S.No Name of Faculty member Designation Specialization Email id/ Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1. Dr. B.R. Kaushal Professor Entomology brkaushal01
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2. Dr. M.N. Jyala Professor Entomology 09410711319 View profile
3. Dr. P.K. Gupta Professor Ecology/Limnology/Fisheries 05942-235416 View profile
4. Dr. H.C.S. Bisht Professor & Head Ichthyology hcsbishtji 09411376398
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5. Dr. S.P.S. Bisht Professor Molecular Biology/
Earthworm Biology
SPS bisht View profile
6. Dr. Deepika Goswami Assistant Professor Entomology/ Earthworm Ecology 09411198089 View profile
7. Dr. Manoj K. Arya Assistant Professor Forest Entomology/ Insect diversity  9411323844 View profile
8. Dr. Himanshu P. Lohani Assistant Professor Entomology/Earthworm Ecology 09897681666 View profile
9. Dr. Deepak K. Arya Assistant Professor Microbiology/ Infection Biology 09650779857 View profile


The Department came into existence at graduate level in 1966 and was upgraded to the post-graduation in 1974.The products of the department have been assuming important position within the country (such as Member of Lok Sewa Ayog, University heads; Assistant director in technical Education, fisheries experts; Scientists etc.) and abroad (Head of Cardiology in USA).Yearly, approximately 500 students are enrolled in various classes run by the Department. At present, the Department offers specialization in two branches, i.e. Fish biology and Entomology.

Faculty Members; SSJ Campus, Almora

S.No Name of Faculty member Designation Specialization Email id/ Phone Photograph Academic Profile
1. Dr. Ila Bisht Associate Professor & Campus Head Ichthyology 9412169315 View profile
2. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Associate Professor & Campus Head Entomology 9897286188 View profile
3. Dr.Ram Chandra Maurya Assistant Professor Neurobiology 7376332769 View profile
4. Dr. Mukesh Samant  Asstt. Professor Molecular parasitology 9012398089 View profile
5. Dr. Neha Tomar Assistant Professor Biotechnology
91- 9460675096
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